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Donate Real Estate to Charity!

We have a team of experts in the property donation process that handle any type of real estate donation. All the paperwork and transactions are free to the donor. You can donate a house, donate a condominium, donate property, donate any  kind  of real estate.

You can make your real estate donation to Cars&Causes. We assure you a worry free transaction. We are committed to provide the donor with the best guidance throughout the real estate donation process to achieve the highest possible tax deduction. Consequently the charity will be greatly benefited.

When you donate a house, you obtain many benefits by doing so. One of the advantages for you, is that you not only a great tax deduction but also you will be able to write off the appraised value of the property. You don’t have to incurred neither on the expense of selling it. If you take in consideration the property taxes, maintenance costs, income taxes–or if the property is sold, the cost of legal fees, brokerage fees, estate taxes, inheritance taxes and capital gains taxes, it is often financially preferable to donate properties to charity. You get the benefit of a great tax deduction and the self-reward of knowing you are helping charity good works, always working to enhance our communities.

Donate Real Estate- 3 Simple and Easy Steps

  •  Submit the information about the property donation.
  • We will review the real estate donation and send you the closing documents to you or your lawyer to sign.
  • We will take care of the deed transfer and all the proper documentation, notifying all necessary state and municipality authorities to complete the transfer.

You can check here IRS regulations for donated property. We follow closely all the pertinent laws. 


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