Donate a vehicle supporting Veteran’s charities. Your vehicle donation supporting a Veteran’s will help a veteran receive needed help, they deserve it.

Give a ride to a veteran. Some of our veterans will need ongoing medical care for the remainder of their lives. There are programs like Disabled American Veterans and the D.A.V. Transportation Network that provides free transportation to those who cannot travel to their medical facilities by themselves.

Volunteer your time to drive a van for those Veterans’ organizations that provide rides for our Veterans.

Send care package or a letter. Create a thoughtful care package to send to a veteran, wounded warrior or even their caregiver through organizations like or you can write a heartfelt handwritten letter of gratitude.

Take time to listen and have a veteran share their stories. If you have a relative, friend or know someone who is a veteran encourage them to tell their story and then write it down and memorialize their service to our country, then share their stories. Many of our nation’s great veterans have amazing stories just waiting to be told that are have never been heard. The United States Library of Congress is also collecting these courageous stories for the Veterans History Project.

Volunteer at a local VA hospital. You can provide companionship to our forgotten hero’s or assist directly with patients in their time of need. Your local VA hospital would be happy to have shared your time and volunteer.

Pick up their bill. The next time you are standing in line for coffee or you are at a restaurant and see a veteran, pay for their food or drink. Just say “thank you for your service” it would mean so much to them or pay their tab anonymously. It doesn’t have to just be a coffee or a meal, pick up their bill for their groceries, a prescription, or even a tank of gas.

Never forget what our veterans have done for us and our great country, many have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. is a proud supporter of veterans charities.